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Women-Led Families  Since the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka there are around 89,000 widows under the age of 24.  The whole population suffered a great deal of trauma.  We have several projects to help heal that trauma and support the women-led families and their children.  We have purchased a piece of land in an area of great need in the north of the country where we plan to build a Lotus Wisdom Centre where men, women & children can receive healing therapies, yoga, persnal suport & development; a Lotus Women's Vocational Training Centre where ladies will learn to make goods that will be sold on our own online shop;  the Sunshine School where the children will receive lunch and extra tuition after school; and the Lotus Centre for Special Children which will be a model for the whole country.

SEN  Educational Project  A project tun in conjunction with the Julie Cox Consultancy to train school teachers to work with children with special needs, which is being supported by the Sri Lankan government and will be used as a model in future and the setting up of a special unit in Trincomalee. 

Yoga for Special Children  A new project run in conjunction with the Special Yoga Foundation to bring the benefits of Special Yoga to the children, their families and their teachers.  We plan to build a special centre for them at our Lotus Community Village when funds allow.  Meanwhile, a teacher training programme will run in November 2016. If you would like to help support our charity, please contact Rev. Padma Devi on or use the Donate button on this page.  Thank you so much for all your kind help, generous support and love.  

This amazing charitywas set up by Rev. Padma Devi in 2006 while she was in Sri Lanka just after the tsunami and all the projects are kept running by the Institute for Human Excellence.   The IHE is a large group of young professional Sri Lankans who are dedicated to helping the under-privileged in their country. They are our arms and legs on the ground.  Padma's teacher, Sri Swami Satchidananda, lived in Sri Lanka for about 12 years and set up an orphanage in the north of the country which is still running.

"Sunshine" was our first charity project in Sri Lanka providing educational  programmes and support for children from the poorest families.  

We take around 40 children at a time from the poorest families, who have an income of less than $50 a month and when school finishes at 2pm we give them a proper cooked lunch and then 2 hours of extra tuition in Maths, English, Tamil and Science.

This project has enabled these children to pass exams and go on to further education and even university.  Through this project the children are now able to take up professional careers as teachers, engineers, nurses, doctors, social workers etc.  All of our children express the wish to help others.  

Some of the children have been discovered to have wonderful musical talents and even though they live in very rural areas, they have been able to give concerts in the capital Colombo.  

As the lives of the children change through education and better job prospects, so do the lives of their families and their whole village.  This project is like a yeast which helps to raise everyone .

Uni Grants  We are currently supporting 20 university students.  Due to the Sunshine project they have been able to achieve their potential and study at university - those children were very clever but very poor, so we consider it to be our responsibility to support them while they study.  It costs around £245 a year to support a regular uni student and around £505 a year to support a medical student.  We are always very grateful to people who choose to sponsor a uni or medical student.




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